Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trophy Cupcakes

Trophy Cupcake
A weekend "bon appetit."
Red Velvet Cake cupcakes, Trophy Cupcakes

Martha Stewart approves of this Seattle bakery.  Curious, I ventured to Wallingford to check the goods out. Beautifully displayed and designed, Trophy Cupcakes delivers an achingly sweet Red Velvet cupcake. Can you believe I got a tummy ache with it? You betcha I'm coming back for more. 


Jen said...

Noooo why did I come here late at night already cravin' some sweets!? Now I totally need something with frosting RIGHT NOW! Looks so elegant!

devlo said...

The place is incredibly fun, girly, sugar parlor bona-fide. Mmmm. I'm on a couture cupcake fix ;)