Monday, September 8, 2008

I Heart Rummage + Seattle Steam Punk

This weekend, I checked out I Heart Rummage, a monthly independent craft marketplace that was held at Chop Suey nightclub in Seattle. Pretty swank in a nice dive-clubish type of way, eh?  Sift past the super-faddish craftwork and you'll find some interesting work.
I met Grace Acosta of Rivkasmom who specialized in steam punk jewelry. Since this visually-driven sub-culture is dedicated to marrying Victorian aesthetics (and all its glorious romanticism) with technology, it satisfies the gothic geek within me. Think HG Wells meets Edgar Allen Poe meets The Aviator. Grace works with reclaimed antique watch parts and jewelry bits and bobs to create her custom look. Pure eye candy to me. I lost myself trying on her different brooches, pins, rings, etc. Despite my no-purchase rule, I STILL bought myself a gift from Grace's booth. Look what I brought back with me (cue shameless modeling sequence):

How could I not? It was only $20 also. It's feminine tech-driven jewelry. I heart it. The fact that it was affordable and she was a friendly, informative vendor made it a sweet transaction.See more of Grace's work below.
She also has an Etsy page and a blog.

steam punk jewelry

I also dig her higher-priced rings on her website featured below 
(products photos from Rivkasmom)

For dearlydevoted shoppers, if you like what you see, check out Rivkasmom's website, Grace is having a Grand Opening sale with a storewide 20% discount when you use the code _____2008 

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