Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tech Gadgets in the House

I J'adore Gadgets! Please excuse my absence, I've been cleaning house and preparing for a move to a smaller apartment with my BF. In that time I've been in love with my new iPhone case: JAVOedge iPhone 3G JAVOJelly case in pink! Love the translucent prism backing. It keeps twinkling under the sunlight and the neon pink translucent case is pure eye candy. My boss asked me to test out the colors: Pink and Purple are leading the pack (ha, ha, am I a girl or what? Still I love it when my pink accessories match!)

 The other things consuming my attention?
 I never thought I'd be suckered into this but this game -- Sally's Spa -- is mad addicting. After I saw fashion blogger, Sea of Shoes, talking about it, I had to try it! On sale for 99 cents and so far, I'm still plugging away at it.

Lastly, my birthday bash was trĂ©s fun. My friend, Olivia, flew in from Miami to hang with me and with her help, we cooked up a feast -- a banquet, I tell you! -- for 15 friends! It was exhausting but very memorable. As I mentioned earlier, The Sak Silverlake cross-body bag was my own gift to myself! Love Zappos! See it above with the other things I stow in it (Canon G10 aside). It is THE perfect metro bag. Red leather is awesome, juicy apple red, and you can tell The Sak designers paid attention: plenty of pockets, zipper compartments, comfortable cross-body belt, slouchy leather, etc. 

Monday, June 8, 2009

What Up, My Ninja!

Check out My Ninja! 
It has to be my favorite typographic t-shirt to date. Straight from the West Coast, designer Peter Hong, otherwise, known as Peter Rocks started up this line. It's about time we celebrated ninjas! Am I biased? Hells bells, yes. Look here.
Seen at Angry Asian Man 
Pink or classic black?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday? The Sak Silverlake Leather Flap

As my birthday present, I decided to reward myself with
The Sak Handbags Silver Lake Leather Flap Cross Body in Punch. Isn't she lovely? I hope she arrives on my bday in a few days! As a city dweller, I need a stylish durable, leather bag that can take me across town without much fuss, summer, fall, winter, and spring.  Easy to reach pockets? Check. Extra long, adjustable strap? Check. Fun color? Check! It was a tossup between the saffron yellow or punch red. Here's me snapping a reminder pic at Nordstrom with the yellow down below. After much agonizing, I went with Punch Red: 1) It should wear more gracefully in appearance then high maintenance yellow. 2) Red is a must-have color accessory in my closet. I was so excited, I went and purchased the Silverlake through Zappos for its free two-way shipping (just in case, I wasn't sold on the punch red in person). As for dimensions, it's pretty spacious, I'd probably be able to cram a netbook there, pens, gadgets, etc: 15" Length, 3" Width, 11.5" Height, 11"! 


Monday, June 1, 2009

DAISO carries Swine Flu Masks

Spotted at my local DAISO store: SARs mask packs in fun shades and shapes. 5 a pack, got to choose among checkprints, leopard, duckies, etc. DAISO is the local Japanese dollar convenience store that I j'adore. See previous post. I went with the heart-shaped. Best $1.50 spent to sow sheer panic, ever? Cue alarmed facial expression (see above).