Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stylish DJ Headphones

Spotted these in New York where it seems everyone on the subway and streets are sporting spiffy earphones. Whether you prefer buds or headphones, these Mix-Style headphones are comfy and asthetically appealing (and let people know loudly that you're tuning out). Each comes with their own design motif so you stand out from the masses. I just like how the designs give your headphones some cute customization. If I'm going to wear DJ-style headphones, I'd prefer to have some cheeky fun with it. If you wonder how they look, check out the model and singer below, sporting them. Mix-Style Stereo Headphones, $50, at YesAsia

Sunday, March 23, 2008

NYT: The Uglydolls Phenomenon

Guess what I found in the New York Times Style section today?
Had to share the love. I remember Uglydolls when they were first stocked at Giant Robot and how much Erick Nakamura, its co-founder, talked about them in his magazine. Glad to see its a global phenomenon that is friendly to boys and girls. I figure that would be obvious but here's NYT take on it: Guys and Dolls: An Ugly Remake. And for kicks, here's Uglydoll co-creator David Horvath's children's book, Bossy Bear that I posted earlier.

Excerpt below:
Guys and Dolls: An Ugly Remake
WHAT is it about Uglydolls? They’re soft, they’re plush, they’re cute, they’re openly called by a name that is usually anathema to boys: dolls.
And yet, in many cases, when you see a bed covered with them or a backpack open just far enough to let one breathe, that bed or backpack belongs to a testosterone-burning little sneaker-scuffer.
They are the dolls that many boys are willing to nap with, be seen on the street with and take to sleep-away camp. As Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes, who got his first Ugly as a third-grader at the Little Red School House in Manhattan, put it: “No, you didn’t get teased for having one. In my class, you’d be teased not to have one.”
I noticed this because my 6-year-old stepson totes three to school, and his doll games are all about adventure. He and his mates pile their Uglies into a plastic crate named the Voyager and soar off. “We go to Persia,” he said, “or a pet shop. One time we went into the sewers to go surfing.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wall Decals for your (inner) child

When my eyes landed on these monstrously cute wall decals from Sparkability, I had to showcase these cute characters. Can I adopt the orange one? I love how he looks like he's desperately clueless (or lost). Maybe he needs to ask to go to the bathroom? The removable wall decals are great to brighten up a space for your (inner) kid and are low maintenance--if you wanna reposition, just peel it off and slap it elsewhere.
Monster Wall Decals vary in size, $21-$32 at Sparkability.

Also, if you're into Miffy or punk rock flair, take a look at the 12 inch long TokyoBunnie, $22. I'd rock that.

Justify my materialism

What's up with these statement posters? My last find, Keep Calm and Carry On poster, was modest, stately and added a dash of dignity to an otherwise disheveled decor approach. Now comes this shameless hussy of a statement piece: It is OK... poster by Anthony Burrill from Soma gallery, 20 pounds . Well, I shouldn't say shameless hussy because I tend to have the same mindset, ahem. Read it out loud: "It is OK for me to have everything I want." This is a statement of self-empowerment (even if cloaked by a consumerist message) that has its own dash of attitude. My reaction to this poster? Gimme, gimme, gimme. Yeah, I know. I have the impulse control of a five-year-old. Why else can I channel my material girl instincts aside from my blog?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pocketable Art: Wallets

My find today is designer-friendly Poketo. This L.A. based company is dedicated to fostering art/design collaboration with independent artists/illustrators by bringing excellent goods, like these Poketo wallets, to tie in with gallery promotions, etc. So, while you may not be able to afford the goods on the exhibit walls, you can certainly afford to walk away with these accessories. Digging the friendly inner coin-purse sewed in, so it's not only pretty but also practical. The company founders, a graphic designer and filmmaker, also make sure to include artist information in all the merchandise so its a great way to promote upcoming artists, a win-win for everyone I think. 
Seen above, Pietari Posti Wallet 4, $20 (the Pokeko wallets all cost $20) was designed by Finnish illustrator, Pietari. 

Other wallets that caught my eye below:

MWM Wallet 2 was designed by Matt W. Moore, a Portland-based designer. I like the brightly colored geometric prints used here. 

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Wallet 3 is designed by this Philadelphia-based artist/animator.
As always, am digging the skull motif but I ADORE the interior wallet's herringbone print in a colorful gradient. 

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chill with Skull & Cross Bones

These Bone Chillers are perfect for getting your inner Pirate or Ghoul on. Why should they have all the fun? Yes, I know, it's not Halloween but isn't it slightly villainish? If you're going to be bad, might as well do it with style---even into your kitchen decor. If I was bloodthirsty Viking, I'd enjoy munching these icy remains as if they were the bones of my enemies.
Bone Chillers from Urban Outfitters, $8.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Love with Anatomy 101

Doesn't this latest design bring back fond, morbid memories of Biology 101? Growing up in South Florida, I see a variety of roadkill, frogs especially, but nothing grossed me out more then dissecting the green amphibians in high school. Urgh, you knew somebody hit jackpot with a female specimen when its scalped guts revealed a nest of black eggs inside. Urgh. Still, somebody definitely enjoyed their anatomical studies because CraftyHedgehog designed this cozy creation, Knitting in Biology 101, available for custom order on Etsy.  Or, if you're into DIY, you can also buy her pattern.
Look at her cute attention to detail below:

Aww, it's like totally dead. Love the cartoony, crossed-out eyes. With a nicely mounted frame, I think this would be an excellent gift for a pre-med or science-major friend--natch that--a fun addition to my own decor. 

Or, if you're into this new trend of anatomically-correct designs, check out the hearts below, plushy and metal sculpture. 

Next up, this big (literally) 6”x8.5” Heart Plush from I Heart Guts, $18. Gotta dig the company name. Browsing their website, they also have in stock (I'm not joking): gallbladder, uterus, kidney, lung, brain, and more. Lovely! 

For classier gents and ladies, we have pewter hearts, blackened or gilded (14k gold), depending on your mood and sentiments. These babies measure 5" x 3.5" x 1". Pewter Anatomical Heart is available at Michele Varian. Hefty. I'd love to have this in my office. 

Monday, March 10, 2008

Shopping bounty from New York

It's amazing what the flu can do to you. Well, I'm back to my usual self and finally got around to posting the pics of what I brought back from New York. Here's a snapshot from our hotel! I love the fact we had the view of the Chrysler Building from the 24th floor.
Shops I spent the most time in: Kinokuniya, Muji, Pearl River.

A4 notebooks, Can Can magazine, and Aya Takano postcards (unseen) from Kinukuniya. If you visit Kinokuniya in New York, you must do a lunch break in its upstairs cafe, Cafe Zaiya. The best onigiri and strawberry shortcake is there! Their basement holds their tremendous catalog of stationary goodies, I was just saddened I couldn't take more back with me home.

At the Muji store in Soho, I scored with pens, stationary box, belt bag (unseen), and pouch. I also browsed Pearl River and picked up these bento boxes. I figure I'd buy longer-lasting souveniers that served some function (no time for clothes shopping!). Perfect proportion for an office lunch, eh?

Is this not the cutest thing ever? Check out the mini chopsticks and compartmentalized boxes for your lunch.