Friday, November 30, 2007

Kraftworks III this Saturday

Know it's late notice but this Saturday, local craftsters should check out Kraftworks 3 which will be held at Rag Trade Clothing Company from 11am-5pm. Get some creative, locally made products and presents that will be uniquely your's -- last time I was here, I met a few Etsy artists that I talked about in this post. I didnt make it to Kraftworks 2 but I hope its grown since the last time I was there. DJs who'll be spinning tunes there are DJs Lolo (Sweat Records/Circa Saturdays), Kentsoundz, Some Jerk, Madame Turk, Rachel Goodrich and Rabbit in the Hat. Sounds interesting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deck the Halls (with graphics)

Remarkably affordable and graphically pleasing wall decor from The Poster List , for $10 flatter your casa dorm/studio/shack/palace with some visual appeal--these posters will look even better framed so upgrade from the thumbtacks, mmkay?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Cards

There's something mesmerizing with Anahata Katkin's illustrative designs for PaPaYa! I love the use of mixed collage from her cultural/vintage photos, patterns, textures and bright colors that make it all a happy mix. The Asian/Victorian/Latin/etc. influence is delicious eyecandy. Check out the mishmash with her 2007 Holiday Card boxed set , $12, includes 8 cards/envelopes, Happy Santa design showed here.

Jesus in the Lotus Holiday Card Boxed Set

Santa's Helper Holiday Card Boxed Set

Trendwatch: Morbid Jewelery

Dark little me likes the latest jewelry designs that have emerged: skulls, brass knuckles, razor blades designs, I just like, even more so when the design is well executed and not shoddy *cough*Hot Topic*cough* and even more so when the designs are
well-priced. Chuck those hipster owl-doe-octopus necklace designs and pick something that has a bit more...bite to it(I love corny puns).
Check out the Twiggy Saw NecklaceTwiggy Saw Necklace by Regina Puss, $30, at the Curiosity Shoppe

$10 Tees Sale at Threadless

Take Me To Tokyo by Juju's Delivery, $10

Awesome holiday sales at Threadless, for $10 outfit your entire family with these witty, snarky tee's.
Sale ends Dec. 16th.

Check out the selection:

[Paper Cranes by Glenn Jones]

The Ravens Cry by Andrew John Mohacsy
, $10

Radios by Dan Terry

Cowboys and Indians by Glenn Jones, $10

In Case of Emergency BREAK DANCE, $10

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gift Guide: For your $100 (and less) friends

For kitschy/artsy/analog friends
Flipperoo Clock, $60 at Gama Go

Self-admitted camera-mugging/primping friends
Self portrait mirror, $46 at Elsewares

Photography/graphic loving guy friends
Lights of Spain Wallet, $48 at Elsewares

Japanese art/trendy culture fiends
Aya Takano's artbook, Hot Banana Fudge,$34.00 at Giant Robot

Jet setters/Germ phobics/Nurse fetish types

The Portable Therapy On The Go(includes travel-size lavender scented facial mist spray, antibacterial sanitizer, hand lotion), $30 at Sephora.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gift Guide: For your $20 friends

Let's face it, the holidays are around the corner.
Cruel world that it is, friends inevitably get carved down to their "What monetary category do I place you in?" category. At dearly devoted, you should at least slip'em something that's stylish, chic, and lively. Here's what's online:

For the creative/arty/designer office mate
Snow & Graham 2008 Desk Calendar, $15 at See Jane Work

Doglovers/kids/cute-lovers/carpal folks
Sleepy dog wrist cushion, $20 at Fred Flare

For the people who like shiny things
Acrylic Diamond Rings, $10 at Elsewares

Sculptural afficinados/flower lovers/pretty object lovers
Porcelain Dahlia, $15, at Vivre

The Dangerous Book for Boys, $16.95 at Amazon

Managerial, Inner-child types
Darth Vader Bobble Head, $12 at Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

conversation starters for the home

Seen over at Shelterrific, the Crocodile lamp is definitely worth a double-take in the home, or if you enjoy the Scarface-like menace, perfect for the office. This critter's cast in pewter and measures at 28" x 6" x 21. Get it at Vivre, $2,200.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Close your eyes and think of Queen and Country

Brought to you by Keep Calm Gallery. Perfect for those who need to collect their cool wherevah': in the hallway, home office, classroom, nursery or cubicle. Love the royal crown embellishment. Best part? The phrase, "Keep Calm and Carry On" was actually printed and posted around Britain during World War II. Talk about keeping a stiff upper lip.

PS: Seems these Keep Calm posters are super popular. Sfgirlbybay is selling her version of the Keep Calm poster in multi-hued assortments--shipping included at $27--so if you dig preppy versions in pink/lime/aqua, click here