Sunday, June 29, 2008

Curiosities: Mustache Key Holder

That is what I call an impressive 'stache. Ben Floeter's Mustache Key Hook is a saucy way to remind yourself to keep your keys in a secured spot. It looks rather jaunty in the photo layout above. I'm attracted to eccentric pieces like this. It would be perfect to keep over a hallway by the door. Now where's my tophat and $200 on passing Go?
Moustache Key Hook, $30, Curiousity Shoppe

Apartment Therapy's Contest Giveaway

Check out Apartment Therapy's latest
giveaway with Kideko, a stylish children's bedding company. This is a far cry from my Care Bear bed sheets back in the day. Modern, graphic, and cheeky, there's something different for your personality: Love, Sunshine, Action, and Monster.  I'm loving the Monster (above) and Love line (below). Too bad they don't have it in adult size. But, for parents, I guess you can live vicariously through your kids.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can I Haz iPhone?

During my blackout period, the news of Apple's 3G iPhone was announced and I, like everyone in the country, was riveted by it.
With the new price point, there's no reason for me to not buy one, now it just comes to color: white or black? I'm leaning towards white. Meantime, I kitted myself with a new 15" Macbook Pro, a sleek white lap sleeve...and been idly checking for an iPhone case to go with my spiffy iPhone that I'll get July 11th.

Meantime, Fred Flare's rolling its new Next Big Thing contest and look what I found?
What's this I see? Some cute stitchy-stitch character? Is this just a plush or does it do something?

Ah-ha! An iPhone case? It's cute, slim, and would definitely stand out in my purse or on a table. It's even got room to stuff my headphone cords. What's not to like?

Annamatic's Gregory iPhone cozy, $25 at Fred Flare

News flash: Just saw that Paul Frank has teamed up with Apple and has produced his own iPhone casings.
Check out this tongue-in-cheek ode to Gucci print below.

Paul Frank Folio Case for iPhone - Italian Julius, $34.95 at Apple

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Harajuku Girls

Documenting Japanese street fashion is all the rage nowadays -- whether in magazines, art house books, or pop music (I'm looking at you, Gwen Stefani). As readers may know, I love seeing how fashion is evolving over there -- whether its in style blogs like SushiCat or in J-fash magazines. It's a subject that I hold dear to me. That's why I'm happy to share news that my friend, Albert Siegel, has just published his first photobook, Harajuku Girls. Living in Japan, Albert spent a few years capturing the various subcultures of Japanese street fashion: Gothic Lolitas to Cosplay to Gyaru, and more. So, what's my small role to play? I art-directed and designed the book cover above. It was hella fun to do.

Small story: We became friends after I saw and complimented on a street fashion poster (the one below) hanging at my workplace. Turns out the photographer was Albert -- we struck up a conversation about Japanese street fashion and the rest was history.

Here's a peek at the inside pages:

Shameless posing? Check.

Cute fashionable couples? Check.

100 pages long, there's plenty of photographs to ooh-and-aww over. Some of the snapshots are worth having a poster of (Albert, go look into that, seriously). It's definitely worth a look if you're into Japanese fashion.

Harajuku Girls, $29.99

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missing in Action

Talk about a bad birthday weekend -- my car was broken into and my laptop bag stolen along with my birthday present, a Longchamp bag, and my boyfriend's cellphone. Everything on my laptop -- the photographs, writings, research, etc -- are gone and I'm so disappointed in myself for not backing up. $400 for my window repair and another $2000 to shell out a laptop = a very heartbroken dearly devoted blogger. The irony of my previous posting -- on flash storage -- is beyond me. I hope to be back to regular posting whe I get new gear soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tokidoki pairs up with Mimibot = Crazy delicious gadgetry

I'm psyched to see tokidoki's latest collaboration with flash drive company, mimobot. I've mentioned my love for tokidoki and mimibot USB sticks before. I'm glad these folks decided "two vinyl hearts can become one" in a form of a too-cute USB stick.  As more cachet, these tokidoki flash drives have exclusive digital content wallpaper art.  
More cute eyecandy for the tech industry is a good thing.

Miletta, 1 gig, $39.95

On a another happy note, while browsing Mimibot, I discovered Miami-based artists, Friends with You, had debuted their mimibot goodies. I always try to catch their exhibits at Art Basel.  Catch'em while you  can! 

Mr. Phantom, 1 gig, $39.95