Saturday, November 29, 2008

Karmaloop's Cyber Monday sales is bananas

The Vampire Julius Z/U Hoody in Black, $39.95 ($56 with 32% off )
Holy Christmas, Batman. With the economy in full recession and consumer spending down, the retail sector is pulling out all stops to get shoppers' attention. In search of hoodies, I went to Karmaloop and saw the massive sales online. They're currently offering extra 20% off regular and sale items with free shipping. Here are a few things I saw I liked included in the Polyvore set above. Most of the Paul Frank stuff I highlighted is under $20! Remember these prices don't even include the additional discounts Karmaloop is mentioning for the Thanksgiving sales.
The Character Mug in Julius Stripe and The Character Mug in Skurvy Gold $10.95 ($16.95 retail, now 35% off)
Skurvy Slippers in Pink, $14.95 ($22.95, now 32% off)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

A 3D origami turkey dinner to go. Yum. 
Print it out and set it up at home. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deck your baby out: Wickedly funny baby onesis:

I pity the fool who doesn't like Etsy crafter, Bambina Mia's baby tees. Punkish, morbid, but most of all tongue-in-cheek, whatever lucky kid wears her her baby tees would rock the pram set. Hand-crafted with felt appliques, I mistook her t-shirts for adult wear. Sadly, they're intended for the rug rats set. What expecting mother wouldn't want to deck her kid out? 
Now, I feel like playing the Ramones.  Bambina Mia tees, $18. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New York Times interviews Project Runway's Daniel Vosovic

Talk about two worlds colliding. Daniel Vosovic, Project Runway Season 2 finalist, gets a spread in New York Time's Habitats section. So, how does Daniel live it up in New York? The twenty-seven-year-old fashion designer shares a 5-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side with four other roommates. Interesante.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fashionable iPhone cases: JAVOedge 3G iPhone back covers

JAVOedge 3G back cover
So folks who've been reading dearly devoted know that I'm in love with my iPhone 3G. Like most owners, I have an intense love/hate about it. However, one of things I DO love about my iPhone is its fashionable appeal. What I don't like? The plain, boring, or god forbid, FUGLY iPhone cases that don't offer the same level of cool/hip/glam factor that iPhones attract. Take a look at this example + this example. What is that?!

So, one of the perks of living in Seattle is being surrounded by the tech industry. And working in it. Who would have thought I would have landed a gig working in an online gadget accessories store? Even better, a gadget accessories store that sells iPhone 3G cases? Mwah ha ha ha ha. You can see where this is going.

So in full disclosure, I decided to review my company's iPhone 3G back covers especially since they didn't mind my feedback as a designer-friendly, female blogger. I've catalogued their latest line of 3G iPhone decorative cases that I liked and are good, affordable examples of when iPhone 3G cases match the phone's looks in terms of fashionable, glam, pretty asthetic. As a tech patriot, I'm doing my part to ensure the world is a prettier, friendlier, functionable place. I mean, did you see the examples I highlighted? Do companies really think that females will just like something because its pink? OK, well, I am actually sporting the pink one above and I love it, fyi. But it's actually pretty and I don't feem embarrassed carrying it around--princess image be damned. Need I mention that the JAVOedge 3G iPhone back covers listed below go for $19.95? Not too shabby.

JAVOedge 3G cover
The Estate bright metallic series provides a sleek, bright, patterned texture to your iPhone. Rich in color, the silver and gold back covers avoids that tawdry Christmas tinsel feel/look that bright foiled fabrics can bring. This iPhone cover's looks can be dressed up or down. In terms of fashion, this back cover reminds of two flocks: either the Dolce & Gabanna crowd who love their glam bling or the Tory Burch girls who dig a 60s modern pattern feel to their phones.
JAVOedge 3G back cover

Smooth and glossy, this slick design is a bold statement.
The black surface studded by the white grid design is modern, clean, and minimal.
Think Puma, Diesel and other fashion lines that inspire that urban, athletic feel.

JAVOedge 3G iPhone back cover

In shimmery pink or white, the Cyber back covers are one of my favorite lines that JAVOedge produces for the iPhone 3G. The cover is glossy, smooth to the touch, and brightens my day. Under lights, the case is iridescent (it shimmers beautifully). It has also withstood the beating it takes in my work bag without a mark. If you are like me, you got the black iPhone 3G (whether by choice or lack of the white's availability) and still want the look of a white 3G? JAVOedge's Cyber Back Cover is a pretty glossy white compromise. This design matches the Apple asthetic for a modern, colorful, graphic approach.

JAVOedge 3G back cover
JAVOedge 3G back cover
Covered in a harlequin-print, the Metallic Checker back covers are a dressier option for your 3G phone. For a special occasion or to work, this back cover would match for going out or for a job interview even. It's covered in a silky-like material that is soft to the touch. The checker print offers a nice, subtle shimmer contrast to the solid color. Despite the traditional print, the back cover is a win. The design is friendly to girls or guys. My boyfriend commented that the black cover would go well with his Hugo Boss tie and suit.
I'm partial to the black or champagne.
JAVOedge 3G back cover

FYI: For dearly devoted readers, JAVOedge has a 10% customer appreciation discount.
Go to JAVOedge's website and enter coupon code "JAVO10OFF" when you check out.
Discount is good till Dec.7th, 2008 fyi.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lusting: Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

This bag is making me go mad ala Rachel Zoe: "I DIE, I DIE" is her catchphrase and I find myself melodramatically stating it as I am DYING to possess Proenza Schouler's PS1 bag. Thanks to BryanBoy , I caught Vogue's video interview with Proenza Schouler and had to share the love. Take a look at the screen grabs from the video below. Pretty right?

It was available to only a few celeb friends (including Mary Kate Olsen), I love this bag in all its hues. Its now available at Barneys in black or white for a pretty penny at $1995.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Say Hello to Winter: Kate Spade Mittens

Say goodbye to frosty hands with these adorable Kate Spade mittens
I'd love to hail a taxi with the yellow pair below. 
Can you hear the jingle bells jingling? $95 pair.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Knock-off in Style: Budget Design blog

Despite a lack of regular updates, Knock-off in Style, is worth a look to marvel how derivative the world of design can be. Whether you are a frugal fashionista who wants good design at a low price  OR you're a design purist who is aghast at the rip-offs, there's plenty of mainstream examples here. Like that Eames chair? See it replicated from DWR to Crate & Barrel to Target. Talk about trickle-down economics.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free desktop wallpapers:

Quirky, charming illustrated wallpapers for your desktop by illustrator, David Lantham
Enjoy the freebies.

Seen over at  Design You Trust 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pink Tech Gear: ToughDrive Pink 250GB USB

Take a look at Freecom's portable hard drive, ToughDrive Pink 250GB hard drive.  I dig the ballet pink color of the HD that differentiates itself from the rest of the black and silver pack. Supposedly, this device can take a drop from 2 meters. So, here's something you can throw into your laptop bag and be on the go. 

Fashion illustrator: Nadia Flower

Today's eye candy is by illustrator, Nadia Flower . Delicate, eye catching, and quite feminine, her artwork has been seen in fashion and beauty catalogs everywhere. Soak it in at her blog, peepshowandpuppets

Have I found my bag? Puma Runway Shoulder Bag

Measuring 17"H x 18"L x 4"D, the Puma Runway Shoulder LS bag could actually carry my laptop in a cool fashion. As folks here know, I've been eyeing for a new city bag since I'm criss crossing the city on mass transit. The faux patent offers easy rain protection, large zip pockets for my materials, and I just love the glossy purple patent. Mmmm...Nordstrom offers it at $64.90 with its 40% sale but this bag is sold out! Too bad, it wasn't available in stores. ShopBop is carrying it at $110. Pretty penny. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am in Love with Carol's Daughter: Love Butter

I love, love, love Love Butter by Carol's Daughter. Let it be known, dearly devoted readers that I'm not the typical Bath & Body Works or Body Shop gal. I loathe fruity/sugary aromas and thick lotions that corporations deem woman-friendly (I'm looking at you Philosophy!). Therefore, I was really taken back when I was given Love Butter as a gift from my brother's girlfriend. Errr....thank you? 

I had heard good things about Carol's Daughter in terms of hair care but body stuff? I was skeptical. However, the simple packaging and the actual product won me over. I think I am a convert, seriously. 

Carol's Daughter packaging states upfront: paraben-free, no petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial color. Instead, sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter are primary ingredients. Nice. Plus, it smells cinnalicious! I love cinnamon. The body butter feels like soft wax, very light and easy to apply in layers without making your skin feel gloppy or greasy as other lotions may. A little goes a long way. The cinnamon stick included within the body butter is a nice touch -- it's perfect for the holiday season! It also leaves a nice, subtle scent that doesn't overpower you; it's embarrassing but I keep sniffing my hands to catch the cinnamon scent, mmmm. As an unexpected gift, this was an unexpected delight -- telling y'all, go visit Sephora or your beauty boutique shop and check this body butter out. It is THAT divine! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out the Vote!

Today is election day, probably the most historically significant political event in my generation's lifetime. Two wars, a credit crisis, tanked economy, and a DOA healthcare system -- what more can Generation Y ask for? This poster pretty much summarizes how I feel about Election 2008. Vote for change!

So, tonight, we'll all be glued to the TV, watching the CNN/MSNBC/Fox news channels count the electoral votes. In the meantime, I present to you 30 Reasons . 30 Reasons for why you should vote for Barack Obama -- 30 designers/artists build a visual response to why you should vote. New posters debuted from Oct. 5th. Fans subscribed to email lists received a daily graphic poster. This one, above, happens to be my favorite. Pretty simple, eh? 

Oct. 5th
Reason 1: Tell me it can't be true. Following 8 years of disastrous governance, the Democrats field the best candidate this country has seen in generations, against one of the worst the Republicans have ever mustered, and the media's political pundits would have us seriously contemplate more of the same. Is anyone ever going to learn?

Oct. 6th

Artist Frank Chimero of Springfield, Missouri
This election gives us a rare opportunity to make a choice and commit to one of two drastically different sets of ideals. We can cower in the shadows of our problems, divide and fall, or we can band together, get to work and make a difference. This election is about one thing: Fear versus Empowerment. Please choose wisely.
Oct. 12th
Jason Kernevich & Dustin Summers of Brooklyn, New York
Barack Obama plans to create 5 million green collar jobs, increase our country's use of alternative fuels, and stop tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. America must end its dependence on foreign oil and embrace a greener future.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fierce Statement of the Day: ChangetheThought poster

'We'll Show Them' poster, $18

Ferocious. I love this poster from Changethethought
The thought: "One day, we'll show them the world made us." 
The intermingling of the colors, the surreal wolf, the typography mixes well. 
Unsettling yet powerful. 

Domino covers Seattle

Domino covers Seattle for October's latest shopping coverage: 
"The birthplace of pop phenoms like gourmet coffee and grunge, this Northwest hub is overflowing with indie fashion and design boutiques. Rita Konig scouts the next big thing." 

One of my favorite places that Domino mentioned? 
Deluxe Junk in Fremont. Beautifully displayed vintage furniture, piles of curios for you to sort through and decent prices. This place will keep you occupied. 

I love the vintage anatomy posters. 

The place is definitely inviting compared to other vintage shops. Fremont's loaded with tons of boutiques so it's a great place to walk and browse.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Leaves

Glorious Fall coverage:
Japanese maple leaves falling outside my apartment's pathway.