Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting Carded and Looking Pretty While Doing So

Red Letter Press cards
red letter press cards
Current Loving: Red Cap cards as illustrated by Carrie Gifford and Francesca Montanari

Who doesn't enjoy a greeting card in the mailbox? Evites and e-cards are trés passé, hardly inviting much thought and consideration compared to a handwritten, stamped note. I suppose that's why I keep my mailed greeting cards and delete those e-cards. My personal favorite is receiving cards that are artfully illustrated, perfect for framing if one's in need of decorative artwork (see my Yoshitomo Nara project).
So, to commemorate that, I wanted to share my latest greeting card find: Red Cap Cards.
If you love these Tim Burtonseque cards, seen above, you would love Carrie Gifford's illustrations. Sweet and eccentric, her cards would be a delight to deliver to whimsical friends.
red letter press cards
red letter press cards

Wanting something a little more delicate? Francesca Montanari delivers illustrations with a beautifully melancholic atmosphere that leave a lingering impression. 

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