Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year Resolutions: Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster

1. Wake up earlier.
I'm a self-admitted insomniac who needs a painful morning intervention.
I'm hoping Clocky, this mobile ninja alarm clock will get me outta bed. This alarm clock's chockful of robotics that causes it to do ceaseless beep-and-run's if you don't get up.

2. Be greener
Every little bit counts and I can't stand the clutter of plastic shopping bags. Instead, I think I'll invest in sturdy large tote bags to haul the groceries.
Check out the selection at BlueQ.
I particularly like Miso Pretty's Shopper bag pictured here.

3. Be better organized
I've been working on this in 2007 and gunning to improve in 2008 --- I removed alot of physical clutter in my home - old furniture, old paper scraps, and archiving magazines, books into their proper places. My desk is still a mess, to the point where I do half my work in my bed with my laptop. Am thinking of scrapping it for a new one. Sometimes, a new environ is what you need. Measure visible progress (or procrastination) with this huge 2008 Stendig Calendar at See Jane Work.

Working in a stressful work environment takes a toll. My immune system has taken a big hit because of it and I'm taking aims to improve in 2008. Eat more vitamin-infused foods, exercise, drink more water, take care of my body and mind, all that jazz. In order to feel good, you gotta look good, especially in the city where I live.
Maintaining a good skin regimen is crucial in my sunny state. Since I'm so lazy, I've been a bit slipshod and it's showed (eek! sunspots!). That's why I'm so excited about Freeze 24/7 Ice Shield Facial Cleanser with SPF 15, it's the first FDA approved facial wash embued with sunblock that allows you to wash and go. Already given the ALLURE magazine stamp of approval, this product allows me to add an extra layer of protection effortlessly. Perfect for someone like me, I'm definitely into protecting what looks I got left without having to resort to botox, thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cute Baby Legwarmers

The photo above is so wrong, so absurd, and yet, bizarrely cute that I had to share this. BabyLegs was started by a stay-at-home mom who created these legwarmers as a solution over uncomfortable stockings for her baby daughter. Since dearly devoted loves items that are whimsical, offbeat, cute, and functional, I believe these nifty fashion meets that criteria. I just love how the look compares with the kids below. If I lived somewhere cold enough, yes, I would probably rock the legwarmers look too, hipster status be damned.

Am totally digging the argyle print.
DIYers take note, I bet y'all could whip a similar stitch.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Out with 2007: Overdone design trends

New York Times captured a roundup of 2007 design trends, what's faded and what's stayed fresh. Personally, my list of been-there-done-that looks were the owls, fake wood prints, and Victorian silhouette prints. Oh, add to that, the color lime green.

Here's a sneak read:
"AS 2007 draws to close, let us gather up the year’s trends — its baroque mirrors, its wall decals of stags, skulls and robins, its lacquered Chinese Chippendale-style chairs — and inspect them for staying power..."
"To be sure, the home design world doesn’t move quite as fast as that of fashion or music, but now that the monthly home magazines have been joined by the chorus of design bloggers and rapidly proliferating, relentlessly arriving contemporary furniture catalogs, each showcasing ever more ways with a Louis chair or an antler lamp — try rubber! try resin! — you can watch the birth and death of a trend simultaneously.
“This is the downside of the democratization of design,” said Deborah Needleman, editor of Domino, a magazine with its own fashiony approach. “With everything being available everywhere, and everybody caring about design, your eye gets tired more quickly.”

Well said, Domino editor, though I hold my own reservations about your magazine.
Too bad, Blue Print, your competitor's going outta business.

Nonetheless, the piece continues and rags on the Hollywood Regency look (which I still, somewhat, guiltily love). Same goes for the gothic elements (in moderation). Any readers have a particular look or trend you love?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Bear & Bird Boutique + Gallery

photo source: Bear & Bird Boutique's Flickrstream

Thanks to a flyer I found at GESAI (at Art Basel), I found out that my favorite local comic shop, Tate's Comics, has opened an art/curio boutique upstairs. Stocking eclectic indie artwork, design products, fun kitschy items, Bear & Bird inspires an intimate, whimsical shopping experience.
If you dig Fred Flare, Curiousity Shoppe, and their kin, you'll like this place. You can tell the boutique owner made sure to carefully stock their selection with special care. Most of the stuff on the shelves, I haven't seen repeatedly on other quirky shopping sites, that's actually refreshing for someone who keeps a design/shopping blog.

The best part are the walls displaying indie artists whose pieces are actually affordable, you can buy it framed or as is (pieces ran from $40+). The current revolving exhibit has a "cash and carry" theme, so if you see something you like, buy it soon or else its gone. I'm looking forward to see their future exhibits.
Here's some pieces I liked:

By Helena Garcia, Pffff

By Jamila Houde, Sickle

By Tatiana Suarez, Untitled

Bear & Bird
4566 North University Drive
Lauderhill, Florida

photo source: Bear & Bird Boutique's Flickrstream

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yoshitomo Nara in House Decor

Over at Apartment Therapy, I caught this beautiful interior shot and had to whistle outloud--who wouldn't love to have a giant Yoshitomo Nara piece hanging in their living room? The subtle sky blue wall paper stripes frames it just right. This photo just makes me feel happy looking at it.

Over at Art Basel, Yoshitomo Nara's artwork is prominently displayed on the cover of Miami InsideOut, an interior design magazine.

Now, I can't afford Yoshitomo Nara's art pieces, about the only art of his I have are his reproduced postcards, Oh! My God! I miss You! that I find too precious to actually, you know, rip out and use. They sit pretty on my desk instead.

However, after seeing the above photos, I'm debating on ripping them all out and framing them in one giant frame to hang over my "imaginary" fireplace mantle.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Art Basel Miami

Here's a look at some of the fun, more indie art fairs surrounding the ginormous ART BASEL convention in Miami Beach:

From their site: Organized by the artist-led art enterprise Kaikai Kiki, GEISAI presents a new art-collecting concept, allowing artists to exhibit their own work directly, without a commercial gallery, to an audience of collectors, curators and art enthusiasts.
Look out for Takashi Murakami, he was the founder of GEISAI.

Really enjoyed these two last year. Well curated, good crowd of people, the highlights for 2006 Art Basel.

The photo above is from the Friends With You parade exhibit last year on the beach.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bite me! S&M Gingerbread Men

Perfect for cookie lovers with a sense of humor (evil streak optional).
ABC Gingerbread Cookie Cutters, $11.99, at Perpetual Kid. Perfect for a holiday party, these 3" ABC cookie cutters
stand for Already Been Chewed.