Monday, April 28, 2008

Children's Books: Yoshitomo Nara's The Lonesome Puppy

Who would have thought Urban Outfitters has an amazing book selection? On a lazy Sunday, I intended to clothes shop but stopped when I found Yoshitomo Nara's children's book, The Lonesome Puppy, lying among the piles. I love Yoshitomo Nara as seen -- Yoshitomo in House Decor  --so I'm biased but, whatever, I think this was  a fine debut for a children's book too.  The pages have these lush illustrations (perfect for tearing out and framing if I wasn't such a book lover) and the story is totally endearing. It's worth the pick-up. 

Here's Amazon's re-cap: "In his first book for children, renowned artist Yoshitomo Nara tells the charming story of a puppy so large that no one notices him—until a determined little girl climbs high enough to meet him and become his friend. A sweet tale from an artist for whom childhood holds a magical appeal, The Lonesome Puppy is sure to delight young readers and Nara fans of all ages. "

The Lonesome Puppy $17.99, Urban Outfitters

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