Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Graduation/School Gifts

Aside from Mother's Day, the month of May ushers in two things: graduations and acceptance letters into university/graduate school. I have friends in both camps,  so, while shopping online, I figured a good gift to give/receive.  Agendas! My friends can testify that I'm not the most organized person but I do remember penciling everything -- club meets, study sessions, to-do lists -- into my high school, and later, my university's cheap agenda. I prefer it over electronic PDAs where I'm fumbling through sub-menus to reach my calendar. So, here are some more stylish, luxe options to graduate to, whether its for higher learning or in the working place.

Louis Vuitton Large Ring Agenda Cover, in damier azur
At 7x8 inches, you won't have to jam your scribbles into tiny notepads. This slim, polished agenda has room for credit card slots and pockets.

Louis Vuitton Agenda Wallet Cover in Pomme d'Amor
Small and pocketable, this travel-sized agenda holds a diary and credit cards in a delicious apple candy red cover. Very glamorous.

Coach 6X8 Tattersall Pattern Agenda
A little preppier, this casual agenda is perfect for a sportier, casual user. It sports an address book, notebook, and card slots. I love Coach's plaid pattern here. 

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