Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yoshitomo Nara in House Decor

Over at Apartment Therapy, I caught this beautiful interior shot and had to whistle outloud--who wouldn't love to have a giant Yoshitomo Nara piece hanging in their living room? The subtle sky blue wall paper stripes frames it just right. This photo just makes me feel happy looking at it.

Over at Art Basel, Yoshitomo Nara's artwork is prominently displayed on the cover of Miami InsideOut, an interior design magazine.

Now, I can't afford Yoshitomo Nara's art pieces, about the only art of his I have are his reproduced postcards, Oh! My God! I miss You! that I find too precious to actually, you know, rip out and use. They sit pretty on my desk instead.

However, after seeing the above photos, I'm debating on ripping them all out and framing them in one giant frame to hang over my "imaginary" fireplace mantle.

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