Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fashionably Photographic Lifestyles of (Anonymous) Bloggers

Life is hectic. Be entertained by the flurry of photo blogs I gift thee. Oh, and when I meant anonymous, I meant I've never met these people--online or off--so I just like the photo voyeurism of it. God bless the intertubes!

Who is Candyya? I have no idea. She seems to be a young 20somethingyearold girl in Seoul. I can't read Korean but I can appreciate her pretty (if sometimes mundane) photo diary that documents her trips around Seoul, at work, at home, and on the streets. How she stylizes her shots, whether its a cafe brunch or a walk around town, definitely has a je ne sais quo feel. 

The Vagabond Blog  is a whole other creature. Sanna is a nightlife photographer who clubs and snaps Tokyo's clubgoers and fashionistas. Very rock 'n roll. Read or look over her nightime revelry with DJs, stylish expats, and trendy Japanese. Not just a pretty snapshooter, she'll also upload some gorgeous dawn photos of Tokyo's cityscape--her blog makes me want to move to Tokyo. 

She maintains her own party nightlife photo gallery here, Vagabond Set. It's worth it to troll, very Nylon magazine. 

And last, but not least, the always entertaining Elyse Sewell of America's Next Top Model fame (Season 1, #3 finalist). By far, the smartest girl to be on that show, Elyse blogs while jetsetting for modeling gigs. Beauty and wit with a smart-ass demeanor? Definitely right up for dearlydevoted's blog. Am loving her coverage of Korea -- its culture, food, and fashion. Read it all on Elyse Sewell's Journal 


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