Thursday, July 5, 2007

Base Annex: Miami

Here's a recent boutique I found in Miami that
visually satiates my love for crazy, madhouse design--at least until, Art Basel hits down again this winter.
Base Annex is an offshot of Base, the trendsetting lifestyle boutique, on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Whereas, Base offered retail, music, urban toys, this boutique is aiming its cooly curatorial eye for refinement.

Stepping into this retail space is pure eye candy. Base Annex models itself as a madcap Alice in Wonderland curio shop, minus the hallucinogenic drugs, offering many well-placed curios and knicknacks that compell you to browse and poke around. Each room is elaborately styled with the wares serving as set props, properly placed for browsing. Peering around, I found many decor ideas serving as inspiration from this space.

See below:

[photo credit: coolhunting]

Some interesting products I caught here:
porcelain garden gnomes (personal collectable fetish)
Karl Lagerfeld's mix cd collection
skull-enscribed houswares in the black room.

Base Annex is located @
927 Lincoln Road, Suite 118
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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