Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Please excuse my absence...I've been gearing up for a work convention so I've been in-and-out this week. So, expect things to resume back to normal next week when I have my relative sanity back.

Meantime, enjoy this graphic find I stumbled upon, Wintergarden, the extendable orgami flower card, made by Singaporean designers at gagatree. When the card is fully extended, it makes a beautiful display, perfect for hanging up in the office as decoration. How ingenius is that? Buy it in the States at Shopmodi for $9.90.


beanblossom goods said...

That flower is awesome. I hope you're doing well. I was also going to ask you if you want to join our little Etsy group the next time we meet? About 7 of us met last Wednesday in South Miami just to chat. The next time we meet we hope to craft -- nothing serious and only for fun. It would be cool if you joined us! Let me know and i'll include you when I finalize date and time. :)

Russylady said...

Gagatree will be launching a new 3D Card soon. This time a mailable Robot - RoboCard Mail.

Check out the vid below:


devlo said...

That is such a cute video! Thx for the link!