Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Etsy Finds: Art for your home

I have just discovered Etsy , the online indie artist/craftster community dedicated to showcasing hand-made works that users can admire and buy directly from. I spent hours pouring over their housewares, toys, and illustrative art sections. A win-win situation I think and since most of these folks are working small scale, alot of care and attention are dedicated to the pieces, most are very affordable! Thumbs up to that. Plus, it was pretty addictive being able to bookmark my favorites and see lists of favorite items other artists made on Etsy.

So, for most young people, like myself, who find themselves living on their own and wanting something to brighten their rental digs but are on a budget, here's a place where you can buy affordable pieces of original art (or prints). Here's a few that I'd like to brighten up my room (saving myself the paint job for my first real place).

Doughnut Girl Print , by theblackapple, $13

Little Enid Print by theblackapple, $13 (sold out)

Japanese Monsters Print , by themonstergallery, $3.80

Mutant Fawn Print , by themonstergallery, $3.80

Moulin Rouge Fashion Print, by aussiepatches, $12

Vintage Deer by aussiepatches, $90

Secretary Drama Print, by menta, $15


Trisha said...

Great picks. I'll have to check out Etsy for art once I move to the new place!

Ali J said...

Hi, Thankyou for featuring my work!! I love etsy, it has so many wonderful things that people create and inspires me more day by day. xox