Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kraftworks followup: Indie Designers & Etsy

This Saturday, I went to Kraftworks, the indie craftster fair, held at the Rag Trade Clothing Co.'s parking lot. Small and slightly disarrayed, Kraftworks would be a promising start to fostering a crafts community in Miami if it becomes an annual affair. I think that's a win-win if Kraftworks can manage to smooth out its rough edges, curate their selected vendors, and add in more artists. I also checked out Rag Trade Clothing Co. and met owner, Stephanie Spiegel.

I met some promising local designers at their booths and featured some photos below.
Beanblossom: Playful, vintagey, whimsical craft goods that showcase an eye for color and patterns. Who would have thought but she's on Etsy? Social networking exposure at its best. Check out her booth items at top and below, beanblossom and eclectica had one of the more interesting booth setups at the fair.

cheepcheep: Unapologetically feminine designs are featured on her Etsy page. See some of her wares down below from her Etsy page. I didn't get a snapshot of her booth so I had to find screengrabs of her goods. Perfect for accessorizing my playful librarian chic work-play clothes.

At Rag Trade Clothing Co., I and my friend scanned its selections. The boutique's selections were a bit of grab bag but definitely skewed toward a vintage/hipster vibe. The small room in the back housed original works by designers. My friend nabbed two graphic button-up shirts for a good deal. I definitely approve of trading clothes for cash concept, it's similar to Plato's Closet (in Fort Lauderdale) and Buffalo Exchange (in San Francisco). 'Bout time Miami gott something similar! We'll see how in the longrun the local natives will take to the concept.


beanblossom goods said...

Thank you soooo much for your comments about beanblossom (and Eclectica!). I hope to meet up with you again soon to chat about everything you know in the world of indie designers. I totally appreciate your cause! :)

You should come to Katrina's party on Saturday, too:

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