Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PacMan Cupcakes: Baker's tribute to video games

Hello Naomi is the brazilliant baker behind these video-game themed cupcakes. Don't you just wanna snarf these down? Her work, seen at Ohdeedoh, caught my eye and I had to catch her Flickr photostream. Seen, above, are her PacMan cupcakes. 

Not just any tribute, her eye for the color and design put into these sweet edibles made the execution spot on. Props to her. Now, can someone give me her number so I can order these for my birthday?

Tell me, you're not drooling already.
Let me whet your appetite some more. Check out more of her work below:
And not game-related, per se, but still geek-chic: ROBOTS!

Robot Cupcakes
Dibs on the goofy orange one. I like him.

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