Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trendy Inspiration: Japanese Fashion Magazines

I love Japanese fashion magazines. Chinese, Korean, actually, I'm not picky (I'll take what I can get!) but I love, love, love poring over the latest styles from overseas like Japan, Hong Kong, etc. The best fashion escapism treat for me is to spend a lazy afternoon pouring over Japanese fashion magazines, like Women's Non-no, Cutie, Can-Can, and JJ. I picked up the habit of buying these issues when I was near a Kinokuniya in San Francisco, New York, Seattle. but sadly, we don't have one in my hometown. So, I binge and buy a bunch to stock me till my next trip. From trendy hairstyles to fashion style sense to street fashion interviews, I devour what I see. So envious! This leads to my new web find -- I was super happy to discover Sushi-Cat Blog, a girl who periodically documents her latest Japanese fashion obsessions with the latest scans from the magazines themselves! Does this replace me buying the actual mags? Nah, but it'll tide over my appetite till I can stock up again! 

FYI: If you must have an issue or subscription, I think you can order from Fujisan.


beanblossom said...

My dream would be to open up an All Japan store here! Books, magazines, toys, fabrics, clothes, bento boxes!

Remind me to get a Lotto ticket tomorrow?

devlo said...

I agree. It's so hard finding a store that has the right mix and feel -- :) I really like Tate's Comics in Lauderhill, Fl especially since it opened Bird & Bear studio upstairs but it needs more overseas stuff!

Michael said...

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