Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Flowers are the Best

iPhone self-portrait via ToyCamera app

"Everyone needs beauty as well as bread" -  John Muir
This is a special post right in time for Valentine's Day.  I'm not the sappy type but I have to say I was really happy when my BF arranged a surprise delivery of my favorite flowers  – ranunculus flowers mixed with roses and tulips–  to me at school. Since I've been hard at work, away from him, it felt really, really, really good to know he was thinking of me from afar. 

 You see, I'm the chatty type and my tall, quiet, stoic BF has heard me ramble on and on  about how much I adore peonies and ranunculus flowers but he usually keeps mum (I can really count on one hand how many time he's given me flowers). This time, I was floored.  This bouquet of flowers brought some beauty into my life where, sometimes, living in New York on a tight budget away from family and friends, can feel quite lonely. Cheers to you, BF.  I <3 you.  So, dearly devoted readers, as inspiration, I say, pay it forward. Give a compliment to a stranger or flowers to family/friends, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a crazy commercial holiday. You never know what a person feels like on the inside and how a small action can mean alot. This really brightened up my day. 
Ranunculous/Roses/Tulip Bouquet by Adore Floral, Noho, NYC.

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Rose said...

I do agree with you that Valentine's Day Flowers are the Best. If you want to tell someone 'I Love You', sending a bouquet of 12 red rose flowers is the romantic thing to do.