Thursday, February 25, 2010

Audrey Kawasaki

 "Hitorigoto" ひとり言 soliloquy 16"x20" 

Audrey Kawasaki's artwork first captured my attention when I was perusing GelaSkins for laptop decals.  After looking through their artist series, I discovered this LA-based artist whose artwork is a sensual mix of traditional Japanese mythology, manga, Art Nouveau, and natural organic scenes. In using natural wood as her canvas, the warmth gleams through her artwork and adds a special ambiance to it. I love the delicate, moody atmosphere her art exhibits. Truly beautiful. 

 Hyakki Yakou 

"Kazamachi" 風待ち waiting 30"x30"



Rachia said...

Very beautiful...

ukimi_ommiey said...

nice..amazing very talented person..
envy people with that kind of talent