Monday, January 11, 2010

Smelling Pretty: Thymes Oolong Cassis Candle

Since college, I've been obsessed with fragrances and only recently picked up home sprays as an optimal way to keep my room smelling pleasant when I return home from a hard day's work at school. I discovered that Thymes Oolong Cassis candle is mad addictive

. According to the packaging: "the dark mystique of sweet cassis is stirred with aromatic notes of orange and bergamot and infused with the leaves of the black dragon – oolong tea." I picked it up Alphabets and didn't want to put it down. The floral notes on top of the deep rich tea aroma blends well -- it's calming yet enervating at the same time. I know, an oxymoron. Drinking tea itself can be that way though. My only reluctance was spending $26 on a candle. The fragrant aroma definitely imparts luxury, this ain't your Glades candle here. Since my apartment is small, I'm wary of using candles and found out that it does come in a fragrance home spray which is more optimal. Bonus points for pretty packaging, below.

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