Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYC Shopping: East Village, Brooklyn

One Stanton, Brooklyn NY

Weekend Shopping in Brooklyn + East Village:

If you regard shopping as a treasure hunt, you will rummage to your heart's content at the Brooklyn Flea Market. For the Winter, it's residing inside a historic bank building off the Atlantic Stop in Brooklyn which is where I found my booty. Vintage furniture, clothes, knick knacks abound, but I immediately gravitated towards the women's accessories – bags! Bartering is key and you have more leverage to negotiate if you go later in the day or have cash on hand (some vendors do credit transactions). I scored a vintage black Coach bag (school prep style) for $30 (it was missing a silver buckle attachment + I paid in cash).

Vintage typewriters in working condition

Random disembodied doll parts for macabre decorating?

For design blog aficionados and lovers of nerd-cool, this was a must-stop shop to browse.
Imagine if Anthropologie + Urban Outfitters + Fred Flare had a retail relative ~ Alphabets would be it.

Here are two finds I made. Left: Jack by BB Dakota Plaid Dress for $25 (50% off) and the vintage Coach Willis Station Bag for $30.

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