Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spiffy Bargain Finds

First: Can I give some love to Daiso? I discovered this store in downtown Seattle and raided it for some very cute housewares and random goodies to outfit my new apartment. Daiso is a Japanese bargain department store where everything inside -- think Target meets Container Store meets 7/11 -- is mostly $1.50 and tops out below $10. This is a snapshot of the storefront:

I found the cute bear cup in its kitchenware section -- right now, he's on my dining table to hold my sugar-packets. For a $1.50, I thought he was a steal.  Sweeeeet.

Then, I also found these metal trays designed for holding food. This metal tray was designed as a mini meal tray and cost $1.50. I keep it in my bathroom to hold toiletries.
Lastly, I was tempted to buy a whole rack of these milk bottles to improvise as vases and/or mini-carafes. Again, its a $1.50.  Pretty cute eh?
DAISO also had some random hilarious stuff like hamster-themed mini tissues and also this Halloween section where I could have dressed as a Japanese school girl.

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