Monday, October 15, 2007

Back from Seattle

Spent a long weekend in Seattle and was so exhausted from my mini-vacay that it took me a good week to recover from it (What's up with needing a vacay from a vacay?). Snapped lotsa photos, saw the interesting sights...I can say that Seattle is a verrrry clean city with interesting design. Came back with some goodies to dole out for coworkers and a lil' nifty souvenier for myself.

Meet Wee Ninja.
I found him at the Seattle Art Museum's gift shop and with my lil' fetish for ninjas I couldn't help but snatch him up--I couldn't tear myself away--it got to the point where my BF bought it for me but I think he's secretly taken by the ninja's huggability himself.
See more of him at Shawnimals
And to further snowball this plush toy tangent into another, I present you my fav Youtube clip: "Ask a Ninja"

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