Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday? The Sak Silverlake Leather Flap

As my birthday present, I decided to reward myself with
The Sak Handbags Silver Lake Leather Flap Cross Body in Punch. Isn't she lovely? I hope she arrives on my bday in a few days! As a city dweller, I need a stylish durable, leather bag that can take me across town without much fuss, summer, fall, winter, and spring.  Easy to reach pockets? Check. Extra long, adjustable strap? Check. Fun color? Check! It was a tossup between the saffron yellow or punch red. Here's me snapping a reminder pic at Nordstrom with the yellow down below. After much agonizing, I went with Punch Red: 1) It should wear more gracefully in appearance then high maintenance yellow. 2) Red is a must-have color accessory in my closet. I was so excited, I went and purchased the Silverlake through Zappos for its free two-way shipping (just in case, I wasn't sold on the punch red in person). As for dimensions, it's pretty spacious, I'd probably be able to cram a netbook there, pens, gadgets, etc: 15" Length, 3" Width, 11.5" Height, 11"! 


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