Monday, August 25, 2008

Fly Like Paper

Real or fake? This is guerrilla-style origami fun in action. London-based artist, Martin Postler, created this subversively dark DIY art project, the Paper AK47 kit. Putting the pieces together, the DIYer can appreciate the beauty of the design separate from its function.
According to the product description: "Part of Postlerferguson’s Death Machine series, the Paper AK-47 was glittered, graffiti’d and garnished by respected street artists for the well-received Paper Wars exhibit in London this summer." 
Hmm. I did some digging and found snapshots of the Paper Wars exhibit. The other paper byproducts are breathtaking for their meticulous reconstruction in paper. See the AK-47 below:

Paper AK-47 Kit, $42, at A+R Store

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