Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be Frugal, Green and Stylish: I am not a paper cup

Do you find it hard trying to save cash by kicking that coffee habit? Can't stand your supermarket's selection on portable coffee cups? Want to reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable, trendy drinking habits? Product designer, James Burgess, has an eco-friendly solution for you: "I am not a paper cup" is a re-usable ceramic solution to the waste generated by those store bought coffee cups. The cup's clean, minimal design does the job with no fuss. Made of two layers of porcelain, it'll keep your bev hot without scalding you. Plus, unlike plastic cups, it won't retain odd odors. This is a perfect solution for me (I suffered from a bad Starbucks/McD's coffee habit). Brewing coffee from home, I can redeem the cost of this cup within a few weeks.
Art world recognition: "I am not a paper cup" has been featured in the gift shop of the New York MoMa store.

I am not a paper cup, $20 at A+R


Jessica said...

my mom got one of these at Giant Robot...and loves it...

devlo said...

Yes, I would definitely love to have one of these things as a gift *hint hint to folks* hahahaha. I'd just have to steal one of Starbuck's coffee-holder sticks to keep it from sploshing its contents on bumpy commutes. Good to know people are digging its daily use.