Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mary Huang's Electric Dream: LED fashion

Ethereral, delicate, and romantic don't usually come to mind when one thinks of tech fashion. However, fashion designer Mary Huang finds a happy marriage between fashion and technology in her latest exhibit of LED clothing at Rhyme & Reason.  Picking up a storm on the blog world, her fashion inventions have been seen at Geek Sugar and Pop Gadget. The jersey dress, shown above, is made of cotton jersey and hand-crocheted flowers. The details, alone, make the dress beautiful and the softly lit glow of lights enhance its design.

From her site, Huang says, "Reflecting on the change from day to night, inconspicuous white knitwear is enlivened by illumination, creating a sense of magic and mystery for the wearer."

Can I say her clothes are ultra wearable (even without the LED)? Below, her LED-scarf is made of machine-knit material. Both can be used as illumination, either with the accompanied battery park or wall-charger so as to be functionable. 

An interview with Mary Huang at Talk2MyShirt 

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