Friday, July 25, 2008

The Good Worker Bee card

Everyone appreciates the concept of a gold star. Do something great, get recognized for your efforts.  While that hold true for teachers in the classroom, there's no sparkly equivalent in the cubicle world. That's why, I couldn't help but be amused and confused by this Congratulations card designed by Be a Decent Human Being for Sycamore Street Press. Is it snarky? Is it sincere? Maybe both? It's inscrutable.  The equivalent of a Rorschach test for card receivers. The overlarge typographic emphasis on "THAT THING YOU DID" would certainly make me feel...unsettled. So accusing. Followed by that cheery post-script, "Really super," makes me feel weird. If I was an evil passive aggressive nice boss, this would be ideal.  Perfect for upper management, coworkers, and frenemies. Seen over at Decor8

Congratulations card: Great Job on That Thing you Did , $4, Sycamore Street Press

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