Thursday, July 3, 2008

All work and no play = horrifically fun tshirts

Knives Shirt, $28, at 410 BC

It's not even the weekend but you're already having to surpress your murderous urges at work. Enough with the frenemies, the cubicle cage, and the traffic rage -- sometimes, you just want to express your dark side. Plain and simple. So, forget the ironic hipster statement and get your inner Jack Nicholson out. It's retail therapy with a dark stabby twist.
Thanks to Khoi Vinh, I found this terrific tshirt community at Rumplo that led me to my finds above and below.
As a scaredy-cat horror fan, I was thrilled by the homages below.

Evil Dear Girl tee, $23 at Mini Cassette

Evil Dead fans anyone?

My favorite Halloween kiddie B-movie, the Monster Squad.
The Squad, $23 at Mini Cassette

In fact, if you're a horror buff, Mini Cassette has a whole horror-themed t-shirt line that's tasteful. Like this one below.

The Reward, $22 at Mini Cassette

It's Bud from Day of the Dead. Mmmm, braaaaiiinnnns.

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