Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wall Decals for your (inner) child

When my eyes landed on these monstrously cute wall decals from Sparkability, I had to showcase these cute characters. Can I adopt the orange one? I love how he looks like he's desperately clueless (or lost). Maybe he needs to ask to go to the bathroom? The removable wall decals are great to brighten up a space for your (inner) kid and are low maintenance--if you wanna reposition, just peel it off and slap it elsewhere.
Monster Wall Decals vary in size, $21-$32 at Sparkability.

Also, if you're into Miffy or punk rock flair, take a look at the 12 inch long TokyoBunnie, $22. I'd rock that.

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TokyoBunnie said...

Thanks so much for posting our wall decals! I'd love to send you a little thank you gift! Just fill out the contact form at and let me know your address!
Thanks Again! <3