Monday, March 17, 2008

Pocketable Art: Wallets

My find today is designer-friendly Poketo. This L.A. based company is dedicated to fostering art/design collaboration with independent artists/illustrators by bringing excellent goods, like these Poketo wallets, to tie in with gallery promotions, etc. So, while you may not be able to afford the goods on the exhibit walls, you can certainly afford to walk away with these accessories. Digging the friendly inner coin-purse sewed in, so it's not only pretty but also practical. The company founders, a graphic designer and filmmaker, also make sure to include artist information in all the merchandise so its a great way to promote upcoming artists, a win-win for everyone I think. 
Seen above, Pietari Posti Wallet 4, $20 (the Pokeko wallets all cost $20) was designed by Finnish illustrator, Pietari. 

Other wallets that caught my eye below:

MWM Wallet 2 was designed by Matt W. Moore, a Portland-based designer. I like the brightly colored geometric prints used here. 

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Wallet 3 is designed by this Philadelphia-based artist/animator.
As always, am digging the skull motif but I ADORE the interior wallet's herringbone print in a colorful gradient. 

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d said...

There are some nice designs here. Thanks for posting.

Over at Resist Today we have artist-series wallets and t-shirts to buy. We screen graphic, grungy, street/urban-texture inspired art onto wallets, bags and t-shirts.