Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Love with Anatomy 101

Doesn't this latest design bring back fond, morbid memories of Biology 101? Growing up in South Florida, I see a variety of roadkill, frogs especially, but nothing grossed me out more then dissecting the green amphibians in high school. Urgh, you knew somebody hit jackpot with a female specimen when its scalped guts revealed a nest of black eggs inside. Urgh. Still, somebody definitely enjoyed their anatomical studies because CraftyHedgehog designed this cozy creation, Knitting in Biology 101, available for custom order on Etsy.  Or, if you're into DIY, you can also buy her pattern.
Look at her cute attention to detail below:

Aww, it's like totally dead. Love the cartoony, crossed-out eyes. With a nicely mounted frame, I think this would be an excellent gift for a pre-med or science-major friend--natch that--a fun addition to my own decor. 

Or, if you're into this new trend of anatomically-correct designs, check out the hearts below, plushy and metal sculpture. 

Next up, this big (literally) 6”x8.5” Heart Plush from I Heart Guts, $18. Gotta dig the company name. Browsing their website, they also have in stock (I'm not joking): gallbladder, uterus, kidney, lung, brain, and more. Lovely! 

For classier gents and ladies, we have pewter hearts, blackened or gilded (14k gold), depending on your mood and sentiments. These babies measure 5" x 3.5" x 1". Pewter Anatomical Heart is available at Michele Varian. Hefty. I'd love to have this in my office. 

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