Monday, January 21, 2008

Twisted Valentine's Day Gift

We get it, Valentine's Day is a bad time for the singletons and the broken hearted.
Well, project your dark thoughts on to the aptly named product above, The Ex Knife Set as designed by Raffaele Iannello. Thoughtfully included are the five knives shown above, it's just just for show! This knife holder, in a cheerful fire-engine red, stokes my love for the morbid. Someone in need of closure? Buy this for that friend! As the product info discloses: "This set makes a great gift for any occasion and it's also considerably cheaper than therapy."
The Ex Knife Set, $69, Think Geek


Emmie said...

Wow! What a unique gift!

devlo said...

Takes a special personality and/or a good stock in a sense of humor to appreciate that!
I love it!

-h of candid cool said...