Monday, January 7, 2008

affordable art: prints, prints, prints

Der Fallout Und Wir 1 (miniature) by Heiko – $19.99

Last time, we talked about affordable art sources, I mentioned Etsy and The Poster List. Add to that list, Thumbtack Press, a shop where artists can distribute their works. I spent alot of time pouring over the selection. Tons of selection and prices hover around twentysomethingbucks or less!
Check out some of the favorites I snapped at:

Triptych by Mutt Ink – $34.99

Laurea by Riki Blanco – $39.99

Fatal Roller (miniature) by Heiko – $14.99

The Host by Ana Galvan – $29.99

Umbrella Pink Eyes by Doug Boehm – $19.99

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Traveler said...


Did you see Fragments at all, with some pretty good artists at $63.