Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tech gear: laptop sleeves

When it comes to laptop gear, I start developing Goldilocks syndrome in that nothing satisfies my needs when I go shopping. When facing the selection at Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. it's either, too drab, too masculine, too bulky, or god forbid, too girly-- have you seen the crop of feminine tech gear companies that have sprouted? See an example here.
So, when facing the dilemma of finding a new laptop sleeve and bag, I set my criteria that my selection had to be graphic, bold, have interesting details, and was unique (hadn't seen it carried elsewhere *cough*Apple Store*cough*. What I did find useful was checking out girl-appealing gadget sites like Geek Sugar and Shiny Shiny to see a variety of gadget gear not seen on Engadget or Gizmodo in terms of style and selection. Here are the results:

Red Maloo Apple Laptop Sleeve , $89 EU

Janine King Laptop Sleeve, $49

9 to 5 Laptop Sleeve, $45

LeSportSac 7904 Laptop Sleeve, $39

MetStyle's Tokio Laptop Sleeve, $35

MetStyle's Milano Notebook Sleeve

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