Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Out with 2007: Overdone design trends

New York Times captured a roundup of 2007 design trends, what's faded and what's stayed fresh. Personally, my list of been-there-done-that looks were the owls, fake wood prints, and Victorian silhouette prints. Oh, add to that, the color lime green.

Here's a sneak read:
"AS 2007 draws to close, let us gather up the year’s trends — its baroque mirrors, its wall decals of stags, skulls and robins, its lacquered Chinese Chippendale-style chairs — and inspect them for staying power..."
"To be sure, the home design world doesn’t move quite as fast as that of fashion or music, but now that the monthly home magazines have been joined by the chorus of design bloggers and rapidly proliferating, relentlessly arriving contemporary furniture catalogs, each showcasing ever more ways with a Louis chair or an antler lamp — try rubber! try resin! — you can watch the birth and death of a trend simultaneously.
“This is the downside of the democratization of design,” said Deborah Needleman, editor of Domino, a magazine with its own fashiony approach. “With everything being available everywhere, and everybody caring about design, your eye gets tired more quickly.”

Well said, Domino editor, though I hold my own reservations about your magazine.
Too bad, Blue Print, your competitor's going outta business.

Nonetheless, the piece continues and rags on the Hollywood Regency look (which I still, somewhat, guiltily love). Same goes for the gothic elements (in moderation). Any readers have a particular look or trend you love?

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