Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year Resolutions: Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster

1. Wake up earlier.
I'm a self-admitted insomniac who needs a painful morning intervention.
I'm hoping Clocky, this mobile ninja alarm clock will get me outta bed. This alarm clock's chockful of robotics that causes it to do ceaseless beep-and-run's if you don't get up.

2. Be greener
Every little bit counts and I can't stand the clutter of plastic shopping bags. Instead, I think I'll invest in sturdy large tote bags to haul the groceries.
Check out the selection at BlueQ.
I particularly like Miso Pretty's Shopper bag pictured here.

3. Be better organized
I've been working on this in 2007 and gunning to improve in 2008 --- I removed alot of physical clutter in my home - old furniture, old paper scraps, and archiving magazines, books into their proper places. My desk is still a mess, to the point where I do half my work in my bed with my laptop. Am thinking of scrapping it for a new one. Sometimes, a new environ is what you need. Measure visible progress (or procrastination) with this huge 2008 Stendig Calendar at See Jane Work.

Working in a stressful work environment takes a toll. My immune system has taken a big hit because of it and I'm taking aims to improve in 2008. Eat more vitamin-infused foods, exercise, drink more water, take care of my body and mind, all that jazz. In order to feel good, you gotta look good, especially in the city where I live.
Maintaining a good skin regimen is crucial in my sunny state. Since I'm so lazy, I've been a bit slipshod and it's showed (eek! sunspots!). That's why I'm so excited about Freeze 24/7 Ice Shield Facial Cleanser with SPF 15, it's the first FDA approved facial wash embued with sunblock that allows you to wash and go. Already given the ALLURE magazine stamp of approval, this product allows me to add an extra layer of protection effortlessly. Perfect for someone like me, I'm definitely into protecting what looks I got left without having to resort to botox, thankyouverymuch.

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