Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marimekko in Miami

I've always liked Marimekko and its timeless designs. Marimekko is a personal design choice that says to people: I am bright! Poppy! Fun + Modern!
It stays fresh and timeless and is a perfect fit for where I live.
Which is why I'm looking forward to visiting Marimekko's second concept store in Miami: Marimekko Miami on South Beach. It will be a welcomed addition to the Miami design decor scene as Miami has tons of posh Euro decor shops (pricey, mainly aimed at interior decorators) but Marimekko will, at least, offer its fabrics so I can buy'em and do my own DIY projects (hello, stapler gun!).

Here's a trio of eye candy:

Appelsiini line, designed by
Maija Isola and Kristina Isola
If this isn't an ode to my home state! I see this pattern for a girl who isn't afraid of being exuberant and punchy. I love this fabric pattern, it's perfect for the summer, has a bit of sunny cheer, and I like the slight irregularity of the print design, gives it that organic feel to it. It just makes me want to do a cha-cha around my kitchen (preferably with the apron on and lovely pitcher, below, in hand).

Next up:

Neilikka line, designed by Fujiwo Ishimoto
Now this pattern design is for a person who's a bit more demure and pretty. "Vintage chic" comes to mind. A little saccharine but I think this has an updated retro appeal that I could pass on to my fellow (grand) daughter, years away. I love the teacups (in both hues, bright and dark) and the table cloths. I am seeing garden parties and Sunday brunches here.

Something a bit more understated/evening-like.

Aukusti line, original design by Erja Hirvi

This pattern is for those who like a slightly more minimal graphic (by Marimekko standards). The turquoise and dark brown combination is very "now." and could work for both sexes. "Dinner party with friends" vibe. If I feel a bit wacky to say, "Metropolitan" meets "Folksy" graphics?

Stay posted when I post up a boutique review of Marimekko Miami. And, if you can't hit up Marimekko Miami, you can always browse Marimekko online. Photos courtesy of Marimekko Miami, Marimekko

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