Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rocking Retro Swimwear

Credit: Flickr by Miss Axemaker 

With summer quickly approaching comes a much-hated ritual for some femmes — bathing suit shopping. Bikini? Tankini? One-piece? Two-piece? Let's face it, today's latest style of swimwear is most forgivable on those who hit the gym frequently (Hello, sexy Victoria's Secret models! Mwah!). However, since dearly devoted is more low-maintenance (ahem) and we love to concentrate on the pretty and whimsical, we turned our eyes to the retro, glam swimwear that pinup girls made famous.  No need to thrift shop for finds. Check out Portland-based Popina Swimwear, whose creator, Pamela Levenson, became inspired by swimwear from the 1940s-1950s. The best part is seeing how her swimwear fits on real women, like Miss Axemaker above. Love the rockabilly look? See how these girls rock the suits below.
Credit: Popina Swimwear

Love the poolside accessories, heels and all. This is my favorite shot of Popina swimwear 
(L-R): Retro Sadie in Red $78, Retro Halter in Espresso Dot, $75, Retro Halter in Jungle Flower, $75

Credit: Popina Swimwear
Designer, Pamela Levenson, surrounded by her swimwear models on a shoot. 

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