Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring is here! Shopping, Eating, Easter Extravaganza Time!

Sorry, sorry! Spring weather came to Seattle and like a kid listening to Peter Piper, I put everything down and frolicked among the cupcakes and sakura blossoms. See, I am totally documenting everything (Loving the QuadCamera!). 
Cherry blossoms are courtesy of my neighborhood.

I went shopping at DAISO where I gathered this cute keychain cover for $1.50. I love it, so. 
DAISO is also the place where I rocked these Easter bunny ears ($1.50 also). 

My best friends are having their birthdays and, whaddaya know, Fomato cards, were my standby. Why give Hallmark when you can give Fomato with a nice side dish of snarky humor? Mmmm, snark. Pssst, click on the picture and you can read the birthday card text! I *heart* this card company. 

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