Monday, April 6, 2009

Best iPhone Camera App: Quad Camera

Playing with this all weekend, Quad Camera by Tatayuki Fukatsu. Quad Camera is a quick iPhone app that lets your iPhone take continuous snapshots to create a single snapshot. Think, like a Holga or a Lomo with included color settings like bright, b/w, vivid, hi-contrast, etc. All this for a $1.99? Booya! 

Quad Camera accomplishes what it sets out: super fast shutter time, processing speed, and saturated/vintage finishes to your iPhone photos. It brings lo-fi to your digital photos. I can't afford to purchase a Lomo or a Diana but for my purposes, I love the efficiency (and quality control) of digital cameras. I'm OK with not owning analog cameras (which cost a pretty penny for their lo-fi hipness when you include purchasing and developing film). I also reviewed Poladroid, a desktop app that is a lo-fi tribute to analog film (in their case, Polaroids). Still, Quad Camera isn't perfect -- it has to work with the 1.3 megapixel iPhone 3G camera lenses. Just like with analog cameras, how you play with your natural lighting determines the quality of your shot as you can see in my play snapshots. 

The great thing about Quad Camera is its developer,  Tatayuki Fukatsu
created a free animated gif app, QuadAnimator, to add liveliness to your Quad Camera shots. Nice! 

QuadAnimator Test Shot #1
Shameless mugging.

QuadAnimator Test Shot #2
360 degree panorama shot of the University of Washington Quad.

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That looks really cool!