Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spike Fashion: Don't hurt yourself

I love tough fashion. The conflict between tough gear, feminine fashion is irresistible and hard to find. Perhaps, that's a good thing as independent designers are cranking out some sweet designs I am too happy to support (and the prices are friendly too). Jewelry designer, Laura Markley's Antigenre line can be found at her Etsy boutique. Above, are her ballistic-inspired Coriolis earrings. Only $16? That is a steal. 
FashionToast is rocking her spike cuffs she scored off eBay! Love it. 

Stephen Rocks is another Etsy designer who focuses on leather bracelets. I know, that's a dangerous territory between cool and 'urgh, wannabe 90s rocker.' However, I dig his White O-ring Rebel Bracelet, $20 . The white leather, silver chains make it more minimal, industrial chic that I'd love to sport.

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