Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cute Cake Toppers

First off, I want to top a toast to my Seattle friends who got engaged over New Years break. Caught in the wedding planning frenzy, the bride-to-be is bursting for inspiration. Colors, theme, dresses, etc. Design*Sponge , who's in the midst of that, shared this plaintively cute find: Goose Grease wedding cake toppers via Etsy (I love the emo-glass couple above). In just a few ink swashes, the artists, Michelle and Kelly, capture a customizable sketch of your bride and groom on these wooden figurines. I fell head over heels over them and hope I can get my own custom bride and groom toppers for my future nuptials. I'm eyeing the cheongsam-clad bride below. Ahem.

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Jason Flores said...

Hey congratulations to your friends! I just proposed to my fiance about a month ago on Valentine's day. A little cliche but it's her favorite holiday. Anyway, my future mother-in-law is a wedding planner based in the Seattle-Tacoma area and if they want to check out some of her work here's a link