Sunday, December 28, 2008

Latest Japanese Fashion Magazine Find: Jelly

My latest Japanese fashion magazine find has been ero-kawaii Jelly. Can I say, I just love that name? Jelly, jelly, jelly. It's a fun word to say out loud. I picked it up on a whim at Kinokuniya and love the fashion spreads. Sexier then CanCan and Non-NonJelly is the editorial equivalent of Mean Girls to the rest of the J-Fashion pack. Cheeky, fierce, and full of attitude, the Jelly girls are confident in what they wear. Which, judging from their December edition, is short skirts, boots, and chunky knits. Doesn't it snow in Japan? Oh well, suffer for fashion it is then. They even contained a cute lingerie spread (Victoria's Secret Pink type). With their winter wear edition for December, it almost *almost* made me want to wear uggs. The photo scans are courtesy of the latest Japanese Fashion blogger, Kahao


Jen said...

JELLY is cool! It's like a more grown up Cawaii or EGG.

where is joie said...

any idea where i can order subscription to the mag in the us?