Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am in Love with Carol's Daughter: Love Butter

I love, love, love Love Butter by Carol's Daughter. Let it be known, dearly devoted readers that I'm not the typical Bath & Body Works or Body Shop gal. I loathe fruity/sugary aromas and thick lotions that corporations deem woman-friendly (I'm looking at you Philosophy!). Therefore, I was really taken back when I was given Love Butter as a gift from my brother's girlfriend. Errr....thank you? 

I had heard good things about Carol's Daughter in terms of hair care but body stuff? I was skeptical. However, the simple packaging and the actual product won me over. I think I am a convert, seriously. 

Carol's Daughter packaging states upfront: paraben-free, no petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial color. Instead, sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter are primary ingredients. Nice. Plus, it smells cinnalicious! I love cinnamon. The body butter feels like soft wax, very light and easy to apply in layers without making your skin feel gloppy or greasy as other lotions may. A little goes a long way. The cinnamon stick included within the body butter is a nice touch -- it's perfect for the holiday season! It also leaves a nice, subtle scent that doesn't overpower you; it's embarrassing but I keep sniffing my hands to catch the cinnamon scent, mmmm. As an unexpected gift, this was an unexpected delight -- telling y'all, go visit Sephora or your beauty boutique shop and check this body butter out. It is THAT divine! 

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