Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out the Vote!

Today is election day, probably the most historically significant political event in my generation's lifetime. Two wars, a credit crisis, tanked economy, and a DOA healthcare system -- what more can Generation Y ask for? This poster pretty much summarizes how I feel about Election 2008. Vote for change!

So, tonight, we'll all be glued to the TV, watching the CNN/MSNBC/Fox news channels count the electoral votes. In the meantime, I present to you 30 Reasons . 30 Reasons for why you should vote for Barack Obama -- 30 designers/artists build a visual response to why you should vote. New posters debuted from Oct. 5th. Fans subscribed to email lists received a daily graphic poster. This one, above, happens to be my favorite. Pretty simple, eh? 

Oct. 5th
Reason 1: Tell me it can't be true. Following 8 years of disastrous governance, the Democrats field the best candidate this country has seen in generations, against one of the worst the Republicans have ever mustered, and the media's political pundits would have us seriously contemplate more of the same. Is anyone ever going to learn?

Oct. 6th

Artist Frank Chimero of Springfield, Missouri 
This election gives us a rare opportunity to make a choice and commit to one of two drastically different sets of ideals. We can cower in the shadows of our problems, divide and fall, or we can band together, get to work and make a difference. This election is about one thing: Fear versus Empowerment. Please choose wisely.
Oct. 12th
Jason Kernevich & Dustin Summers of Brooklyn, New York 
Barack Obama plans to create 5 million green collar jobs, increase our country's use of alternative fuels, and stop tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. America must end its dependence on foreign oil and embrace a greener future.

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