Saturday, June 21, 2008

Harajuku Girls

Documenting Japanese street fashion is all the rage nowadays -- whether in magazines, art house books, or pop music (I'm looking at you, Gwen Stefani). As readers may know, I love seeing how fashion is evolving over there -- whether its in style blogs like SushiCat or in J-fash magazines. It's a subject that I hold dear to me. That's why I'm happy to share news that my friend, Albert Siegel, has just published his first photobook, Harajuku Girls. Living in Japan, Albert spent a few years capturing the various subcultures of Japanese street fashion: Gothic Lolitas to Cosplay to Gyaru, and more. So, what's my small role to play? I art-directed and designed the book cover above. It was hella fun to do.

Small story: We became friends after I saw and complimented on a street fashion poster (the one below) hanging at my workplace. Turns out the photographer was Albert -- we struck up a conversation about Japanese street fashion and the rest was history.

Here's a peek at the inside pages:

Shameless posing? Check.

Cute fashionable couples? Check.

100 pages long, there's plenty of photographs to ooh-and-aww over. Some of the snapshots are worth having a poster of (Albert, go look into that, seriously). It's definitely worth a look if you're into Japanese fashion.

Harajuku Girls, $29.99


Mark Schreiber said...

I'm visiting Japan Mon and happened upon your blog while researching Harajuku. I want to tell you although I haven't read much of it yet, I really like it, the fashion, photos, humor and music. You can check me out at Good luck with your endeavors!

ms.dearlydevoted said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks for your kind regards in re: posting. I would love to visit Harajuku one of these days, it's on of my life's goals to visit Tokyo! :)