Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gift Guide: For your $20 friends

Let's face it, the holidays are around the corner.
Cruel world that it is, friends inevitably get carved down to their "What monetary category do I place you in?" category. At dearly devoted, you should at least slip'em something that's stylish, chic, and lively. Here's what's online:

For the creative/arty/designer office mate
Snow & Graham 2008 Desk Calendar, $15 at See Jane Work

Doglovers/kids/cute-lovers/carpal folks
Sleepy dog wrist cushion, $20 at Fred Flare

For the people who like shiny things
Acrylic Diamond Rings, $10 at Elsewares

Sculptural afficinados/flower lovers/pretty object lovers
Porcelain Dahlia, $15, at Vivre

The Dangerous Book for Boys, $16.95 at Amazon

Managerial, Inner-child types
Darth Vader Bobble Head, $12 at Urban Outfitters

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